Term of services

Carefully, You should read the terms and conditions from BizTrackOn. 

  • INTRODUCTION: The service (defined hereinafter) of ‘ BIzTrackonOn’ is provided by success innovative technologies private limited, a company incorporate under the Companies Act and having its registered office at building 217 Raj surat Gujarat , BizTrackOn carries on the business of providing IT solution & providing information about the vendor (defined hereinafter) of various product & offers (information) in selected towns & cities in India (“service”)to end user. BizTrackon provide user (defined below) with notification, its search service with information for biztrackon database of local business, product, and service across India. BizTrackOn is merely a medium which connect general public with vendor goods & service listed on BizTrackOn Application & website however at the same time it does not intend to guarantee any business to such vendor. The vendor detail are specified at page 1 of the contract, vendor are hereinafter referred to as (“advertise”).Biztrackon objective is to provide a quick guide for up-to-date information in a user friendly manner and via a medium that the end user is comfortable with. The end users of the service are person who may want to purchase goods or service and seeking information about the vendors of such good & service (“user”). These Terms (defined below) read with the contract form. The entire understanding and contract between BizTrackOn and the advertiser.
    1. Contract means this contract together with all schedules and annexures (if any)
    2. References to a party here under shall include such party’s successors, permitted assigns and any persons deriving title under it.
    3. The descriptive Headings of clauses are inserted solely for convenience of reference and are not intended has complete or accurate description of the content of such a clauses.
    4. The use of words in the singular or plural, with particular gender, shall not limit the scope of exclude the application of any provision of this contract to such person or person unless the context otherwise permit.
    5. Any grammatical form of a defined term herein shall have the same meaning has that of such term and the word “including” and “includes” here in shall always mean “including ,without limitation “ and  “includes ,without limitations” respectively.   
    1. Advertisers may be business houses, small–medium enterprises, Corporate Entities, Semi corporate entities, Establishments Or Individuals, Who subscribes to the service in order to list their Company or  Biz Track On will provide only the information about the advertisers to the users in the manner provided for in these terms. Advertisers agrees and acknowledges that Biz Tack on does not grantee any business to the advertisers and is merely a medium through which information is made available to general public.
    1. Biz Track On currently disseminates information to the user through Website, Android applications, Internet and WAP (Wireless Access Protocols).
    1. This refers to the various kinds of advertising listings that can be selected by advertisers. Biz Track on Provides the following kind of listings.
    2. The Advertisers agrees that it Shall list under the which is Mentioned in Clause ( 5 ) of the Contract.
    3. Biz Track on Deserves the right to change the aforesaid. Advertising listing Option by adding New Listing Or deleting the Existing Listing or Adding, Deleting, Modifying Or Merging Any Categories Or Keywords. Biz Track On shall Endeavor allot similar Listing to the Advertisers. The Final Decision Making Power with regards to listing shall however vest in Biz Track On and such Decision shall be final on the Advertisers.
    1. The Advertisers agrees to pay one time non refunded service fee for the services, which will be determined by Biz Track On at the time of entering into this contract.
    2. The service fee shall be paid by the advertiser in advanced simultaneously with the signing of the contract.
    1. BIZ TRACK ON allows the advertiser to make the remaining payment for the services, after payment of the services fee.
    2. Its is hereby clarified that biz track on does not encourage/prefer that payment be made in cash. Any cash payments made by the advertiser pursuant to a contact with biz track on, shall be at the sole risk of the advertiser, without any recourse to biz track on.
    3. Payment can be made by the advertiser  weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and half –yearly as directed by biz track on. Biz track on shall make best efforts to activate the contract within 14(fourteen) working days from the date of receipt of the services fee into its bank account, for the respective listing. however biz track on will not be liable in any manner for any delay in activating the contract of an advertiser.
    4. The advertiser hereby agrees that it shall make the payment via such mode which is mentioned on the clause 8 these terms. Any dishonor of payment will attract provisions of section 138 of the negotiable instruments act 1881. The advertiser shall also be liable to pay interest @ 18 % per

In the event the advertiser fails to make any payment, including the services fee ,in time                        and as per the payment plan chosen by him, biz track on may ,in its sole discretion ,suspend the advertiser’s listing or access to the services, as the case may be, until necessary payments are made by advertiser. further, the advertiser agrees and acknowledges that the advertiser shall deemed to have waived his rights to the services and the advertiser’s listing for the period during which the services and listing is suspended for non-payment .The right of biz track on to suspend the services and the listing shall be without6 prejudice to biz track on right to terminate the contract for any material breach committed by the advertiser. Advertiser hereby acknowledges that the opted position/listing will be released to other advertisers un the event of non-payment of services fee without any notice/intimation from biz track on.

  • ISSUANCE OF INVOICE (a) On receipt of the services fee and activation of the listing thereafter, biz track on will issued an invoice to the advertiser containing, inter-alia, the following details: (1) the total fee including the fee paid and payable as on the date of the invoice. (2) The listing allotted to the advertiser and (3) Description of the product and services of the advertiser.(b) It is hereby clarified that in the event of a conflict between the information relating to sub-clauses (1), (2) and (3) above as contained in these terms and in the invoice the provisions of the invoice shall prevail.                                                                                                                      

 Priority Of Information About Advertsers     

For biz track on, providing information that is relevant to the user is a priority. The user to identify the location and category in respect of which he is seeking information and biz track on provide such information (Subject to availability of such information) based on such choice .Amongst the vendors who fall within the parameters identified by the user, information about vendors registered with biz track on, that is the advertisers is first provide on best effort basis, subject to delay due to any technical malfunction. Priority among advertisers i.e. , determined on the basis of the listing selected by the advertiser and on the basis of total feel to be paid by the advertiser. Nothing contained in the contract shall be deemed to restrict or prevent biz track on from providing users with information about other vendors whether in priority to the advertisers or otherwise as biz track on may in its sole discretion determine. The advertiser acknowledges that biz track on will merely convey the information to the user on demand and does not guarantee that any of such user requests will result in business prospects for the advertiser.